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Storm_r1.0-Adarna release

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Released: Sep 29, 2008
Updated: Sep 30, 2008 by namigop
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Release Notes

I'm bumping up the release version to 1.0 since I've already accomplished the features I set out to have in a 1.0 version. I hope that this release will continue to be as useful as the previous ones and that it would make your web service coding more fun and less time consuming.

Release notes Storm_r1.0-Adarna

Changes :
1. Added multiple tab support.
* Right-click on a web method -> Open in new tab
2. Added Test case Editor
* Right-click on a test case -> Run/Edit
* Test input and expected response are editable.
* The actual response can be "Promoted" into the Expected response.
3. Moved UI config out of the config file into Configuration Main menu
* COnfiguration is now divided into 2 tabs, Service and User Interface.
For the moment, the User Interface tab contains 2 fields
a. Color raw soap -> Toogle to enable/disable syntax highlighting of
the soap message in "Raw view". This is checked by default but if you're working
with very large soap messages, uncheck this

b. Show Detailed exception -> Toggle to enable/disable very detailed log exception

4. Added saving of UI settings are when the app is closed. File is Storm.settings
5. Added generation of default soap messages. Web methods can now be invoked from
"Raw view" without having to invoke the web method 1st via Tree View

6. Added saving of "Expected response"
7. Added execution of test cases and automatic comparison of the actual and expected response.
The 2 responsed are shown side-by-side and the differences highlighted.
8. Added real-time syntax highlighting for raw soap messages.
9. Added notification windows (fades in and out). (shown at the lower-right corner of the tool).
10. Added clearing of the logging window.

11. Code changes brought about by the F# Sept 08 CTP release. (you'll now need VS 2008 to open the F# projects).

12. Cleaner splash screen.

13. Others..

14. Added paypal "Donate" button (Click on the ABOUT menu button). The donate link has been in the codeplex site for a long time and Storm has been downloaded 3000+ times and yet there has been ZERO donations so far. I wrote STORM out of genuine desire to help out my fellow developers but it was naive of me to assume i'd get something back.Anyway I hope someone out there will donate so that I can at least upgrade my 1G RAM Vista laptop.

Fixes :
1. fix for Issue 1464 : WCF Services with basicHttpBinding now supported
2. fix for issue 2180 : ADDED NTLM and Proxy authentication to web service calls. The values needed for these are all configurable from the Configurations menu or from the COnfiguration section (Lower right portion)
3. fix for issue 2042 : Nullable fields now works as expected. In addition, objects set to null (in Tree View) are no longer sent with default values.

Note : I couldn't get the win32res compiler option to work in the Sept 2008 CTP version so the exe icon is the default one.

Reviews for this release

I have used this software since v 0.30 and it serves its purpose well. Keep up the great work. It has inspired me to look into the F# language.
by lherrera on Oct 22, 2008 at 6:24 PM